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Terra-Média RPG
RPG Armas, Mágicas e Equipamentos

Todas as Armas, Magias e Equipamento disponíveis!

Nomes das Armas; preco max/min; Level nescessario; Descricao.
**gp = Moedas, o dinheiro do jogo...**


Long Sword: 250gp/125gp, L3, A long steel made sword.
Bastard Sword: 350gp/175gp, L6, A long thick steel sword.
Katana: 200gp/100gp, L4, A thin blade for swiftness.
Scimitar: 400gp/200gp, L9, A sharp curved blade.
Ninja-to: 450gp/225gp, L9,  A straight ninja sword.
Assasin: 500gp/250gp, L12, A large Katana made of stronger metal and steel.
Thick Blade: 600gp/300gp, L15, A thick blade.
White Blade: 600gp/300gp, L15, A blade blessed by a priest.
Dark Blade: 600gp/300gp, L15, A blade cursed by a demon.
Broad Sword: 700gp/350gp, L18, A massive two handed weapon.
Masamune: 800gp/400gp, L21, An ancient sword used for combat.
Twin Dragon Blades: 900gp/450gp, L25, Two complementary katanas or ninja-to's that can be joined at the hilts to form a double ended, twin-bladed sword.

Axe: 250gp/125gp, L3, A normal axe.
Battle Axe: 350gp/175gp, L6, A double edged axe.
Bezerker: 400gp/200gp, L9, A massive axe made from fine steel.
Sledge Hammer: 500gp/250gp, L13, A giant hammer head axe.
Pick Axe: 300gp/175gp, L3, A pick axe mostly used for Mining.
Hell Razor: 600gp/300gp, L17, An axe made by a demon.
Black Raid: 750gp/350gp, L22, A mysterious axe created by an orc.

Sharp Dagger: 250gp/125gp, L3, A sharp pointed dagger.
Curved Dagger: 400gp/200gp, L6, A dagger for swiftness and accuracy.
Mystic Dagger: 500gp/250gp, L8, A dagger infused with the touch of an elf.
Knights Tale: 600gp/300gp, L13, A dagger made to look like a sword.
Quick Touch: 700gp/350gp, L16, A dagger made for fast maneuvering.

Long Staff: 250gp/125gp, L3, A long wooden Staff.
Metal Staff: 350gp/175gp, L6, A staff made from metal.
Sceptor: 450gp/225gp, L7, A staff with a crystal on the top.
Trident: 500gp/250gp, L9, A staff with a fork like tip.
Partisan: 550gp/225gp, L12, A two or three pronged lance.
Psythe: 600gp/300gp, L14, A pole with a sharp arched bladed.
Magic Staff: 700gp/350gp, L17, A Staff made for great magic bearers.
Fusion Staff: 800gp/400gp, L19, A Staff infused with the power of a Knight and a Mage.
Bardiche: 750gp/375gp, L20, A long, flat edge equipped to a thick staff. Though slow, it's rather powerful.
Halberd: 850gp/425gp, L27, A heavy hitting polearm. A small axe makes good for chopping and full swings while a pickaxe is used for hooking with a spearhead to top it all off.

Long Spear: 250gp/125gp, L3, A spear made for longer distance.
Double Edge: 350gp/175gp, L5, A spear with tips on both ends.
Javelin: 400gp/200gp, L9, A spear especially made for trained fighers.
Dark Spear: 500gp/250gp, L11, A spear created with black ore.
Dragon Spear: 600gp/300gp, L14, A spear made by a Master Dragoon.
Rising Sun: 600gp/300gp, L15, A spear made by a blacksmith in the desert.
Thorn Whip: 300gp/150gp, L4, A whip equipped with thorns.
Metal Whip: 400gp/200gp, L7, A whip wrapped in metal.
Morning Star: 500gp/250gp, L10, A whip with a spiked ball at the end.
Long Whip: 600gp/300gp, L15, A whip made for longer distance.

Long Bow: 200gp/100gp, L3, A bow made from wood.
Crossbow: 300gp/150gp, L6, An automatic firing bow made of wood.
Thatchet Bow: 400gp/200gp, L9, A bow made for accuracy.
Battle Bow: 500gp/250gp, L12, A bow created by Master Archers, perfect for battle.
Power Crossbow: 650gp/325gp, L15, A crossbow with increased speed and power.
Heavy Crossbow: 700gp/350gp, L18, A crossbow made for devastating power.
Super Bow: 800gp/400gp, L21, A bow fused with magic.

Hard Gloves: 200gp/100gp, L3, Gloves made from hard material.
Steel Gloves: 300gp/150gp, L6, Gloves of steel.
Spiked Gloves: 350gp/150gp, L6, Light gloves with spikes attached to the knuckles.
Gauntlets: 450gp/225gp, L8, Gloves made for battle.
Knight Gauntlets: 500gp/250gp, L12, Gloves made for a Knight.
Claws: 550gp/275gp, L13, Gloves with claws on the top.
Cat Claws: 600gp/300gp, L15, Claws made for swiftness.
Nights Howl: 650gp/ 325gp, L15, Claws that seem to be enhanced during night time.
Blazing Claws: 700gp/ 350gp, L18, Claws that stay hot and burn it's enemy on contact.
Chain Claws: 800gp/400gp, L22, Claw with chain mechanism: bladed fingers can be shot out and retracted.

Buckler: 100gp/50gp, L2, A normally made shield.
Metal Shield: 150gp/75gp, L5, A shield forged by metal.
Kite Shield: 200gp/100gp, L8, A shield in the shape of a kite.
Tower Shield: 300gp/150gp, L10, A giant shield that can cover the whole body.
Holy Shield: 400gp/200gp, L13, A shield blessed by a priest.
Scale Shield: 450gp/225gp, L14, Light shield made from strong scales.
Magic Shield: 500gp/250gp, L18, Shield that increases one's ability.
Star Shield: 600gp/300gp, L20, Shield shaped as a star.

Leather Coif: 100gp/50gp, L1, A leather coif.
Studded Coif: 200gp/100gp, L3, A coif made by studded leather.
Chain Coif: 300gp/150gp, L5, A chain mail coif.
Metal Helm: 400gp/200gp, L7, A helmet made of metal.
Battle Helm: 500gp/250gp, L9, A helmet made for battle.
Dragoon Helm: 600gp/300gp, L12, A helmet made from a Master Dragoon.
Magical Cap: 700gp/350gp, L15, A magical cap which increases Defense.
Templar Helm: 800gp/400gp, L18, A helmet made form the strongest of Templars.

Leather Armour: 200gp/100gp, L5, Armour made of leather.
Studded Armour: 300gp/150gp, L10, Armour made of studded leather.
Chain Mail: 450gp/225gp, L15, Armour made of chain mail.
Plate Mail: 550gp/275gp, L20, Armour made from steel.
Dragoon Armour: 600gp/300gp, L25, Armour made from a Master Dragoon.
Scale Mail: 750gp/375gp, L30, Armour made from strong scales.

Leather Leggings: 100gp/50gp, L2, Leggings made from leather.
Studded Leggings: 200gp/100gp, L5, Leggings made from studded leather.
Chain Leggings: 300gp/150gp, L8, Leggings made from chain mail.
Plate Leggings: 400gp/200gp, L14, Leggings made from plate mail.
Dragoon Leggings: 500gp/250gp, L18, Leggings made by a Master Dragoon.
Scale Leggings: 650gp/325gp, L20, Leggings made from scales.

Hand Guards:
Leather Gloves: 100gp/50gp, L2, Gloves made from leather.
Studded Gloves: 200gp/100gp, L4, Gloves made from studded leather.
Chain Gloves: 300gp/150gp, L7, Gloves made from chain mail.
Plate Gloves: 400gp/200gp, L9, Gloves made from plate mail.
Dragoon Leggings: 600gp/300gp, L14, Gloves made by a Master Dragoon.
Scale Gloves: 700gp/350gp, L18, Leggings made from scales.
Leather Boots: 100gp/50gp, L2, Boots made from leather.
Studden Boots: 200gp/100gp, L4, Boots made from studded leather.
Chain Boots: 300gp/150gp, L7, Boots made from chain mail.
Plate Boots: 400gp/200gp, L10, Boots made from plate mail.
Dragoon Boots: 500gp/250gp, L14, Boots made by a Master Dragoon.
Scale Boots: 650gp/325gp, L17, Boots made from scales.
Ninja Shoes: 750gp/375gp, L19, Specially made shoes for speed and defense.
Magic Shoes: 800gp/400gp, L20 Def, Shoes made with great magic.
-=Magic Users=-

Robes (Magic Users Only):
Light Robe: 150gp/75gp, L3, Light robe that increases magic.
Leather Robe: 250gp/125gp, L4, Robe made from leather.
Feather Robe: 450gp/225gp, L5, Robe made from the feathers of a rare bird.
Priest Robe: 550gp/275gp, L7, A robe blessed by a Master Priest.
Gabbel: 650gp/325gp, L8, A special robe with a hood for magic users.
Winter Robe: 700gp/350gp, L10, A robe that always keeps the wearer warm.
Magic Robe: 800gp/400gp, L12, A robe made by magic cloth.

Spell Books (Magic Users Only):
Light Book: 100gp/50gp, L3, A spell book made for easy carry.
Thick Book: 200gp/100gp, L8, A spell book made for stronger magic.
Serpent Book: 300gp/150gp, L13, A spell book made from the scales of a snake.
Wind Book: 400gp/200gp, L18, Spell book empowered with the wind.
Fire Book: 500gp/250gp, L23, Spell book empowered with fire.
Magic Book: 650gp/325gp, L28, Spell book that enhances magic.

Spells (Magic Users Only):
Heal: 50gp/25gp, Heals the health of the target.
Cure: 50gp/25gp, Heals from poison or other illness.
Poison: 75gp/35gp, Causes poison on the target.
Blind: 100gp/50gp, Causes the target to go blind temporarily.
Light: 100gp/50gp, Creates a temporary light in the users hand.
Dispel: 150gp/75gp, Disables the target to use magic temporarily.
Confuse: 200gp/150gp, Causes the target to get confused temp.
Fire: 100gp/50gp, Causes the target to be engulfed in flames.
Ice: 100gp/50gp, Causes the target to be struck by ice.
Bolt: 100gp/50gp, Causes the target to be struck by lightning.
Drain: 150gp/75gp, Drains the health from the target into your own.
Chakra Drain: 200gp/100gp, Drains the targets ability to use magic and adds it to your own.
Flame: 300gp/150gp, Sends a pillar of fire down onto the target.
Quake: 350gp/175gp, Causes an earthquake under the target's feet.
Greater Heal: 250gp/125gp, Heals the target greater.
Greater Poison: 300gp/150gp, Causes the target to become very ill for a long period of time.
Flare: 400gp/200gp, Sends an explosion of fire on the target.
Flood: 400gp/200gp, Sends a flood to engulf the target.
Lightning: 400gp/200gp, Sends a thick bolt of lighting onto the target.
Blast: 450gp/225gp, Causes a blast of all the elements onto the target.
White: 500gp/250g, Causes pure energy balls to rain down on the target.
Meteor: 600gp/300gp, Causes a meteor shower onto the target.

Poisons: 100gp/50gp, - , Causes the weapon to have a coat of poison, causing the enemy to become ill with the slightest cut.
Flash Bombs: 100gp/50gp, - , Small round explosive devices used for destraction or escape: Smoke and Flash
Pendant: 100gp/50gp, L3, Pendant that adds magic to the user.
Strength Ring: 150gp/75gp, L5, Adds strength to the wearer.
Speed Ring: 200gp/100gp, L4, Adds speed to the user.
Skill Ring: 250gp/125gp, L5, Adds more skill to the user.
Defense Ring: 300gp/150gp, L8, Adds Defense to the user.
Eye of Odin: 500gp/200gp, L5, A necklace with the eye of odin, causing great power to flow through the wearer.
Thor's Bracelet: 500gp/250gp, L15, Empowers the wearer with great Strength.
Light Foot: 500gp/250gp, L15, Bracelet that causes the wearer to move quickly.
**Magic Ring: 250gp/125gp, + Use of Magic, If equipped, wearers who are unable to use magic, are able to use magic.

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